The study of music provides a complete interdisciplinary connection to all of the core academic subjects. The essence of musical performance involves a synthesis of physics and physiology. Inspiration for musical composition is often derived from literature, the fine arts, historical events, people and places. The act of composing and reading music requires fluency in the unique language of music notation, application of high level mathematics, and familiarity with terms, phrases and texts in foreign languages. In addition, technology is playing an ever increasing role in the composition, production, and performance of music.

Souderton Area High School offers a wide range of both curricular and co-curricular musical experiences with courses and ensembles that appeal to a wide range of student interests and abilities. Classroom based courses include music history and music theory. Performance ensembles include orchestras and chamber music, marching, symphonic, and jazz bands, a variety of choral groups, and musical theatre. Many college-bound graduates of the department choose to pursue a career in music by majoring in music education, performance, or technology.

Split Ensembles
Students who desire to participate in two ensembles that are scheduled simultaneously, such as orchestra and band, or band and chorus, may schedule both at 0.5 credits each with the permission of the director. Students electing to do so will spend ½ period in each ensemble and are responsible for attendance at all concerts, special performances, and other requirements as specified by the director.

Honors Music Performance
All performing ensembles may be taken as honors level courses by seniors who have been members of those ensembles in grades 9-11. Students must meet specific criteria and obtain approval from the appropriate ensemble director. Initial audition and subsequent performance exams may be required.

The student must:

  1. Possess advanced performing ability, demonstrated by proficiency in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 11 orchestra, band, and chorus audition requirements and/or comparable requirements as may be prescribed by the ensemble director.
  2. Pursue extensive independent study beyond the regular school music program. This course of study will be determined in consultation with the ensemble director.
  3. Prepare and audition for interscholastic music events, and perform for intrascholastic music festivals and other special school district events and functions.
  4. Demonstrate leadership, dedication, and initiative in performance groups and the school music department.
  5. Have been a member of the ensemble in grades 9, 10, and 11.
  6. Fill out an application form available from the ensemble director

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