World Language

The United States and the world are full of different languages. If you want to travel to places around the world or even if you want to stay close to home, learning a second language is very beneficial. Students are encouraged to study as many years of a second language that their schedules permit.

Most colleges and universities require two years study of the same language for admission. Many competitive and Ivy League colleges require three or more years of the same language. Please check college websites to verify these requirements. At SAHS, one requirement for the Scholars Diploma is met by studying four years of the same language.

In today's global economy, a second language is an extremely valuable skill. Many companies work closely with businesses in other countries, and they need workers who can speak another language and understand other cultures. No matter what career you pursue, you will have an advantage if you speak another language.

Studying a foreign language has many benefits. Research shows that studying a second language can improve your SAT and ACT test scores and enhance your English skills. Foreign language study can also boost your analytic and interpretive skills. Recent studies show that those who speak a second language have a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer ’s disease. Finally, travel to other countries is easier and more rewarding if you can speak the language and understand the culture.

Many of you have already chosen a world language to study and will continue with that language. Some of you are deciding to start a new language. The information below provides you with some background about the beauty and value of each language. You will reap a multitude of rewards from whichever language you choose.

Use the following link for the Course Prerequisite Chart

Please note: Students who are Native or Heritage speakers must be evaluated by the World language coordinator before enrolling in a course in that same language.