Visual Arts

The Souderton Area School District Visual Arts program is designed to benefit students planning to pursue a career in the visual arts and/or interested in the arts for personal enrichment. In all Visual Arts classes, students will have the opportunity to challenge their creative problem-solving abilities, develop knowledge of the history of art, understand the critical role of visual art in today's technological society, and apply personal creativity that is helpful in any chosen career. All courses are designed with the belief that in addition to the primary focus of Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism, and Aesthetics are important components in the study of Visual Art.

- All Level I Art courses will provide each student with a basic study of visual art elements and principles as well as experimentation with a variety of two and/or three-dimensional media and techniques.

- The level II courses will stress the importance of advanced design and graphics in two and/or three-dimensional art forms.

- The level III courses will refine each student's individual creativity and introduce more meaningful expression in advanced two and/or three-dimensional work. Focus will also be on development of a personal style, and the beginning of portfolio preparation.

- The level IV courses will prepare students for college level Fine Arts through work with advanced techniques, complex materials, continued development of a personal style, and portfolio preparation.

Before registering, students and/or parents may contact an art teacher at which time the program of study and course options can be discussed. Parent /teacher conferences are encouraged, and parents are urged to assist their children with their selections. Please contact your counselor if you need help.

Use the following link for the Course Prerequisite Chart.

Listed is the Visual Arts course sequence:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Art Studio I

Art Studio II

Art Studio III Honors

Art Studio IV Honors

Clay Studio I

Clay Studio II

Clay Studio III

Clay Studio IV Honors

Sculpture I

Sculpture II

Advanced Painting

Exploring Visual Arts

Advanced Drawing