Elective Courses > Learning Lab

Course Name Learning Lab
Course Number 0045
Grade/Meeting time 9 Alternating days, semester
10 Alternating days, semester
Credit 0.5
Weight 1.0
Graduation Requirement Elective
Prerequisite N/A
Special Consideration 9th and 10th grade students in need of additional academic support will be identified and recommended for this course by school counselors, administrators, and teachers


Learning Lab is a supplemental course designed to help 9th and 10th grade students become more successful academically. Students will work with their teacher to assess their strengths and weaknesses as a student and using this information they will learn strategies to help them improve their study skills, organizational techniques, time management, and other important learning strategies. This course is designed to be interdisciplinary, with time for students to apply these skills across all courses and curricula they encounter at the high school. This learning will help provide a solid foundation of lifelong learning skills that will allow students to find future academic success.