Elective Courses > Education Internship (Middle/High School)

Course Name Education Internship (Middle/High School)
Course Number 1092
Grade/Meeting time 12 Nontraditional meeting time - see description
Credit 1.0
Weight 1.0
Graduation Requirement No
Prerequisite Intro to Education (Starting with the Class of 2024)
Special Consideration Students enrolled in a Middle/High School Internship will work with the Ed. Internship Coordinator to schedule the course during Blocks 1, 2, 3, or 4.


The Education Internship is an opportunity for students to assist and lead a classroom of middle or high school students with their mentor teacher. Students interested in or considering a career in Education, School Counseling, and/or Childhood Psychology will benefit from in-depth exposure to the classroom environment for a full semester. Interns will be a teacher-leader in the classroom, actively engaging students in a group and individual setting. Interns will teach lessons with the guidance of their mentor teacher and participate in cohort discussions, as directed by the Ed Internship Coordinator. Starting with the Class of 2024, students who want to enroll in Ed Internship will need to first successfully complete Intro to Education.