Elective Courses > Introduction to Education

Course Name Introduction to Education
Course Number 0035
Grade/Meeting time 11 Daily, quarter
12 Daily, quarter
Credit 0.5
Weight 1.0
Graduation Requirement No
Prerequisite N/A
Special Consideration *Dual Credit - 3 credits at Montgomery County Community College. *Students who wish to do an Ed. Internship in 12th grade will be required to take this course in preparation for live classroom instruction during their Ed. Internship


Introduction to Education gives prospective teachers a proper introduction to the field of education. There is a strong emphasis on present-day practices, issues, and theories while also exploring ethics and educational history. While in class, students will participate in various instructional strategies both individually and in group settings. in addition, students will gain educational perspective while engaging in observations in an early childhood, elementary, or secondary school setting.