A Guide To School Closings, Late Arrivals, And Early Dismissals

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Who makes the decision that schools should be closed, open late, or dismiss early in bad weather?
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The Superintendent makes the decision to close schools, open late, or close early when weather conditions pose a hazard to students. While the safety of students is the district's overriding concern, it is also important not to disrupt children's education unless it is really necessary. Weather prediction is not an exact science. Some school closing decisions are clear-cut, while others are more difficult, especially without the advantage of hindsight.

How does the Superintendent make his decision?
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The Superintendent consults with representatives of Transportation Services, Inc.(TSI), the district bus contractor, at 4:45a.m. Together they consider:

  • Current and predicted conditions- How much snow is on the ground and how many inches are forecast? How fast is the snow falling? Is sleet or rain freezing when it hits the ground? Are temperatures predicted to rise or fall after sunrise?
  • Actual Driving Conditions- Several representatives of TSI travel the roadways between 3:00a.m. and 4:00a.m. to determine their condition. Both main and side roads are covered to determine district-wide conditions. The Souderton Area School District encompasses 49 square miles with varying driving conditions from township to township.

When must the decision be made to close schools or open late?
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Ordinarily the decision is made by 5:15a.m. in order to call the school bus drivers before they leave for work.

A two hour delay in the opening of school is sometimes all that is needed to get children to school safely. Snow may stop, or in the case of icy roads, temperatures may rise. Road conditions are better when the morning rush hour has subsided and township road crews have had time to work on the roads. The Superintendent receives weather information from several local and state agencies when making the decision.

Is kindergarten scheduled when there is a two hour delay?
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A modified kindergarten schedule is in place for AM and PM kindergarten students.

  • Morning (AM) Kindergarten sessions will be held from 10:45a.m. to 12:30p.m. If your child takes a bus to school, he/she will be picked up at the bus stop two (2) hours later than the regularly scheduled time. With this change your child will be dismissed for home one (1) hour later than the normal time.
  • Afternoon (PM) Kindergarten sessions will be held from 1:45p.m. to 3:30p.m. Your child should arrive at school one (1) hour later than the regularly scheduled time, but would end school at the regular time of 3:30p.m.

What circumstances would cause an early dismissal from school?
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The School District tries to avoid emergency early dismissals because some children may go home to an empty house. However, a snow storm may arrive sooner than expected, or the weather may suddenly worsen during the day, and an early dismissal from school is the most prudent course to take.

Every parent, but especially parents who are at work during the day, should make arrangements with a neighbor so that if a child is unexpectedly dismissed to go home without a key or proper supervision, he or she will know what to do and where to go.

If your child is bused to school, please do not try to pick them up at school when an emergency early dismissal is announced. Your child is safer on a school bus than in a private car, and you will only clog the school parking lot.

Why is there a delay from the time the decision is made to send the students home until the actual time students are dismissed?
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  1. When the decision is made to dismiss students early from school, it will take TSI approximately two (2) hours to contact all of their drivers to head in for an early dismissal. If road conditions are bad, it will take longer for drivers to get in to the bus depot.

  2. The snow crews for the local townships and boroughs need time to get roads plowed and salted before buses travel the roads.

  3. Police are alerted to the early dismissal and need time to get their crossing guards in place.

  4. Radio and TV stations must be contacted with early dismissal information.

  5. It is very important that the secondary students are home first in order to care for their younger siblings.

How will I know whether schools are closed or opening late?
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School closings, late starts, and emergency early dismissals are announced on the radio, district Web site (www.soudertonsd.org), and television stations.

  • Television: SATV (Comcast Channel 28 or Verizon Channel 46), WFMZ-TV (Channel 69 - Allentown), CBS-TV (Channel 3 - Philadelphia), ABC-TV (Channel 6 - Philadelphia), NBC-TV (Channel 10 - Philadelphia), Fox 29 (Channel 9 - Philadelphia).
    ** Check local cable listing for channel.
  • Radio Stations:
    WNPV Radio, Lansdale 1440 AM (*) – station announces closings by school name.
    KYW Radio, Philadelphia, 1060 AM - Souderton #309
    (*) station announces closings by school name.
  • Telephone:
    Parents of Souderton Area School District students will receive a phone call via the Blackboard ConnectTM call system.

  • E-mail:
    Parents of Souderton Area School District students will receive an e-mail if they provided their e-mail address to the District when their child registered to attend school, or by managing their contact information in the Parents & Students > Update Contact Info. system. In addition, community members may receive School Closings announcements via e-mail by subscribing for the District's Community > E-mail Sign-up.

When schools are closed, what happens to scheduled activities?
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When schools are closed or must dismiss students early due to weather conditions, all evening activities are canceled. This includes Community Education Evening School classes, sporting events, Community College classes, community use of facilities, and other special events.

If schools are closed on a Friday, the Superintendent will make a decision on whether Saturday and Sunday activities will be held. This decision will be announced to the public via radio, TV and the district Web site.

When Souderton Area School District schools are closed due to a scheduled holiday, but local private schools are in session, bus transportation will not be provided for private schools.

How are snow days made up?
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For the 2016-2017 school year, the following applies: If the schools are closed for inclement weather or other emergencies, make-up days will be scheduled as follows:

  • February 17, 2017 – No School for Students/Teachers – MAKE-UP DAY #1 (if needed)
  • April 13, 2017 – Easter/Spring Break – MAKE-UP DAY #2 (if needed)
  • April 18, 2017 – Easter/Spring Break – MAKE-UP DAY #3 (if needed)

If more than three (3) days need to be made up, additional Snow Make-Up Days will be added to the school year calendar, such as June 13, 14, etc.



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