Middle School Music Scheduling 2018-2019

Please take a moment to read the FAQ's for Middle School Music. We want to make sure that you are well-informed about music at the next level of your child's education!
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  1. Will my child have music class in middle school?
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    By performing in the band, chorus, or orchestra, students will have a musical element included in their sixth grade schedules. Sixth grade performing arts continues to be an excellent place where students make new friendships and connections with their peers.
  2. If my child does not sign up for a musical group, will s/he automatically be put into the group in sixth grade?
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    No. Your child must choose to be in the group so that it can be put into his/her sixth grade schedule.
  3. If my child decides not to sing/play next school year, can I expect my child to hear from his/her current music teacher?
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    Discontinuing to play an instrument or sing in the chorus is a BIG decision. Please expect your elementary orchestra, band, or choral teacher to talk with your child at school and encourage him/her to continue playing and/or singing in middle school.
  4. How many musical groups is my child allowed to sign up for?
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    Your child may sign up for two out of the three musical groups (orchestra and band, orchestra and chorus, or band and chorus). Please note that your child may choose to continue with musical groups. If he/she would like to be in orchestra, he/she must have played an orchestral instrument in fifth grade. If he/she would like to be in band, he/she must have played a band instrument in fifth grade. All students are invited to sign up for chorus.
  5. How many times does my child's group meet each week?
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    The orchestra, band, and chorus meet several times each week.
  6. Will my child have lessons each week like s/he did in elementary school?
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    Yes. Your child will have a 50-minute (approximately) small group lesson each week in middle school. If he/she participates in more than one group at Indian Crest, the lessons will alternate each week. For example, if your child participates in the band and chorus, he/she will have a small-group band lesson one week (A week) and a small-group sectional choral rehearsal the next week (B week). If your child participates in more than one group at Indian Valley, the lessons will alternate each week if he/she is in orchestra and band. If your child is in band and chorus, or orchestra and chorus, he/she will have a large-group choral rehearsal and a small-group band or a small-group orchestra lesson in addition to your large group band or orchestra rehearsal.
  7. Does my child need to sign up for a musical group in the winter and again in the spring?
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    No. By electing to be in the orchestra, band, and/or chorus, your child is making a year-long commitment to the performing group(s).
  8. How many concerts does each group perform during the school year?
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    Each group performs a winter concert and a spring concert. Special groups, available to 7th and 8th graders, have opportunities to perform outside of school in additional concerts.
  9. What are the special musical groups that my child can sign up for in middle school?
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    Yes. Indian Crest and Indian Valley have a Jazz Band. Indian Valley has a 7th and 8th Grade Select Choir (small, select group of singers).
  10. How can my child participate in Jazz Band and/or 7th & 8th Grade Select Choir (Indian Valley only)?
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    Jazz Band
    - Your child must be in the orchestra and/or band to be a part of the Jazz Band. Sign your child up to continue with orchestra and/or band in sixth grade. An audition is necessary to be considered for the group. The middle school band/orchestra teacher will let your child know more about the Jazz Band once he/she gets to middle school.

    7th & 8th Grade Select Choir - Indian Valley students in 7th and 8th grade who participate in the chorus have the opportunity to be part of the 7th & 8th Grade Select Choir. The choir meets on Wednesday mornings from 7:00-7:30 am. An audition is necessary to be considered for the group.
  11. Whom do I contact if I have any further questions about music in middle school?
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    Indian Crest parents can contact Mrs. McCoy at 215.723.9193 or kmccoy@soudertonsd.org. Indian Valley parents can contact Mr. Pammer at 215.256.8896 or jpammer@soudertonsd.org.